Rejected by Vogue 7-15-09

OK, so I tried submitting a piece for the Vogue Nostalgia
section which regularly publishes pieces involving heavy duty
name dropping about one thing or another. My friend Allison
suggested I write one about my aunt who had one a prize
sponsored by Vogue back in the 1950s, and she was
coached by none other than Jackie Bouvier (who, at the
time, was working for my grandfather as his Inquiring Camera
girl). Perfect, right? It was about a golden age of glamor,
about Vogue, New York City, and Jackie O, right? Well,
apparently not. When I got a response from Vogue (at least
I did get a response), they told me that my piece lacked the

immediacy and emotional weight” necessary for their pages.
OH COME ON!?! How does a piece written by Anjelica Huston’s
sister about hanging around a movie set with Jack and her
sister equate with immediacy OR emotional weight?? Well,
at least I have the perfect response for any idea, person,
book, movie or song that I dislike….


8 Responses to “Rejected by Vogue 7-15-09”

  1. Cathy Cudlip Says:

    Did you write, “The images in Vogue were wordly, transporting” as Laura Jacobs does in her July 2009 nostalgic “the way she moves”? It was her emotionally weighty piece about leggings. Yes, leggings…(pause for emphasis)…whatever.

  2. n torres Says:

    Maybe you should’ve waited until a Kennedy was in the news – for dying or having a sordid affair. good for you for sending it.

  3. Deborah Hutchison Says:

    I’d love to hear more of your Aunt’s story and coaching people to do things is such a big business right now. I think it might be a story for another mag…..
    Jackie O fashion coach, My Aunt wins Vogue Prize!

  4. Ellen Merwin Says:

    Hey-what about looking at it again and trying to connect it to something current – mentoring, Caroline Kennedy?- and then resubmitting? Or maybe the immediacy comment was that it wasn’t personal enough? I think your idea is great – you probably just need to make it super easy on the editor. And I agree at least you got a reply. I like that as a retort though to someone vexing – lacking emotional weight!

  5. Tish DeForest Says:

    I know how it feels to have a writing submission rejected after feeling that you put your best effort into a piece. I’d love to read the essay that you submitted. I have heard that writers rework a rejected piece and resubmit it to another publication. Don’t despair – there are other magazines and anthologies out there.

  6. JEAN Says:

    Hi Rhett! I was out of town and so am late in enjoying your new blog. Having written many a rejection letter myself, I can say you’re at least fortunate to have gotten a personal response; that means the piece stood out, even if it wasn’t ultimately accepted.

  7. Angela Says:

    How about publishing the story here on your blog?

  8. Elizabeth Malloy Says:

    Yes please let us read what you had submitted!

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