Why Dignitary’s Retreat?

The reason I call my blog “Dignitary’s Retreat” is this: earlier this spring, I was driving down to Pasadena with my friend Helen, who had a copy of the catalog from the 2009 Pasadena Showhouse in her car. As I was paging through, looking at the different rooms, I stumbled across the BEST room I had ever seen! It was a madeover utility closet which now sported an ugly sofa and glass table shoved into this closet and the name of this spot was the “Dignitary’s Retreat.” Well, that was all I needed and I was off to the races! We all need a dignitary’s retreat in our homes–one’s imagination can run wild as to which room, exactly, will bear such an honorific title–and it is with this in mind that I have henced named my blog the “Dignitary’s Retreat.” So sayeth I.

The mystery is now solved.


One Response to “Why Dignitary’s Retreat?”

  1. Steph Says:

    is it just me or doesn’t Dignitary’s Retreat somehow conjure up a W.C.?

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