Ok, alright, al…

Ok, alright, alright! So, I’m somewhat delayed in my blogging activity, but I’ve had a lot going on.

Um, where do I start? Well, for one, I am going to hold off posting any more of my initial novel. Rather, disappointed readers will have to adjust to a new journey which may or may not involve more of my fiction. Instead, those of you who enjoy a good Dignitary’s Retreat (and who amongst us doesn’t?) will get to learn what it is like to re-boot one’s life in one’s forties, not entirely sure that one had a life to re-boot! Maybe that’s unfair, maybe there was a kitten heel’s worth of stuff.


OK, so where to begin? A wise person once said that it’s best to “begin at the beginning.” Well, that person wasn’t me, so why break habit now? I think I’ll start with a grappling of one’s, er, age. But maybe I should back up a bit first (no, not all the way to the beginning) but a Cliff Note’s summary that will be dwelt upon more later. In sum, I find myself now living in the city of my Birth, home of my Father, and bedroom of my Childhood (complete with crappy twin sized bed and sheets that don’t fit). More on all this later…

In an effort to meet new people and get myself “out there,” I serve on my high school’s alumnae executive board–a very grand name for a modest group, but that’s so fitting for Washington and academia, isn’t it? So, I’m sitting there with several much younger alumnae, trying to adjust to being seen as the eminence grise of the group when a discussion ensued about the alumnae population in general. A mention was made of “first ladies” and when I asked what this meant, it was explained that this group consists of alumnae who have celebrated their 50th high school reunion. I joked that this certainly made me feel better about my relative youth when one of my fellow board members (fresh from the class of, oh say, 2009 or whatever) brightly observed that I counted as “semi-young!” Ah, yes, semi-young indeed. That’s a term one can chew on all night. I’ve decided to embrace it, rather like Yankee Doodle Dandy and own it in all it’s semi-young glory. The good news is that my (former) bank told me that once I turn 50, I’ll be so old that I’ll merit free checking.

So, that’s the latest from Washington. More to follow…


6 Responses to “Ok, alright, al…”

  1. Julie Crispin Says:

    Rett, you are allowed to buy some new sheets! I’m thinking slinky red silk, just to see what your dad says.

  2. Julie Crispin Says:

    And I love the idea of semi-young.. Just like 50 is the new 30 . . . until your arthritis flares up.

  3. Julie Crispin Says:

    Look forward to following your words of wisdom!

  4. Julie Crispin Says:

    Trying to figure out how to subscribe!

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