Career Transitions

When I was still debating whether or not to relocate back to Washington, a woman in Santa Barbara told me that, “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.” Harsh perhaps, but a reasonably fair assessment, all things being equal.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which leads me to my rumination of the day.

As I debate and explore next steps for my new life here in our nation’s capital, I have stumbled across one irritating problem that has followed me from the West Coast to the mid-Atlantic: there ain’t nothin’ on tv. How a country such as ours can produce so little worth watching, especially considering the manifold number of channels from which to choose, is incomprehensible! Further, nobody can make much sense of what’s going on in any of our dysfunctional branches of government. But herein lies my golden opportunity: I propose a weekly tv talk show panel featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eliot Spitzer, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, with guest appearances by B league luminaries such as Tony Weiner, Marion Barry, the teary Mark Sanford, and of course, call in heavy weights such as Big Bill Clinton.

The name of the show would be either “The Hard Question” or “After Hours” and while I have yet to decide who would moderate our panel of august political types, I already have some show themes in mind: we could do “States’ Month” featuring guests from each of the 50 states (+ Puerto Rico for a little extra sizzle). The EU or NAFTA partners could be another.  I’d like it if each of the panelists brought his mother on the show to get her perspective. Audience members could enter for a monthly drawing to join the group—sort of a man on the street wild card element. The show would provide insight into today’s most pressing issues, educating the audience in a manner that has yet to be tapped and allow for a forum to practice critical thinking skills. I am convinced that ratings would go through the roof! I, for one, would most certainly watch.

When my father asked me how I might produce a corresponding show featuring women, I shook my head. At this point, it’d never work—there simply isn’t the talent pool needed for me to cast appropriately. Besides, even if I managed to get it on the air, like the Oprah Network, people would just feel sad watching it. I once read an article about how women, generally, love to see men making asses of themselves, but if you replaced the men with women in the same exact role, the skit would fail. Women wouldn’t find it at all funny. When I test market that observation on myself, I am forced to agree. I find it personally offensive to watch women doing stupid things, but I love to watch men do them. Why is that? Some things are better left a mystery…

But back to After Hours.

Alas, having no connections in The Industry, I am at a loss as to how to pitch my idea, and have faced the reality that a new career as a casting director probably won’t happen. Still, a girl can dream.


2 Responses to “Career Transitions”

  1. helenga Says:

    Sounds like you have the perfect line-up for the return of the Dating Game! Don’t give up so quickly…you might be on to something with this idea. 🙂

  2. sbgeisha Says:

    alas there is a show or actually multiple shows about women making ***** of themselves: the whole Real Housewives series. But really they are just mean to each other so not sure if that counts…. And I love the idea of overlaying the ‘theming’ of the Dating Game to it 😉

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