Up at bat

You want to know what’s the most fun about life? Surprises!

Yes, there can be good surprises and bad, but the fact that we can’t predict them is what keeps life interesting. When I was in fourth grade and heading to dancing class, I recall my father instructing me to, “make the wallflowers bloom.” At the time, I wasn’t clear on just how powerful that missive was, but I do now. Funny, how certain directives our parents give us can have an undue influence, but for me, this was one. I’ve made my dad’s directive a life’s mission (and cover) ever since.

The power of my dad’s statement is the fact that embedded in it is the premise that no matter who you may meet, no matter when, he or she has an interesting story within and it’s up to you to find it. Now, honestly, how much more fun and intriguing is it to ferret out that person’s story than simply sitting there at some event, feeling bored and dismissive of everyone there? Honestly, truth is so much stranger than fiction, I have marveled at some of the stories people share about themselves! Try it; you will discover things waaaaay beyond your imagination, I promise.

I want to hear what about your life has surprised you the most, because I know there is something. No matter how mundane we consider our lives, there is something, every single day, that is funny or interesting, and –word to the wise—it behooves you to find it, because if you choose to ignore same, you are missing out on the very best part. Truly.

In a world where we are consumed, on a daily basis, with simply paying bills, picking up kids from Little League or Girl Scouts, saving for retirement, or trying to maintain friendships, it is understandable and easy to have blinders on to all the marvels around you, to let the rest slip. But I know you can do more. I know you can do better. And the reason I say this is because I believe that life is a lot more than merely meeting our responsibilities.

So, having said this, I am going to challenge you: what is ONE thing that you have always wanted to do that you haven’t tried? If not now, when???? Push yourself. Try.

Let me know how you’ve done.


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