A Life We Don’t Lead

What is it about retail therapy that feels so great?!? The bills always come due, of course, but having that shiny new thing can lift one’s mood like nobody’s business. Things I didn’t know I wanted, hadn’t even considered before I set my eyes on them, are now…mine. I find I do this in unexpected spurts—today, I bought 6 new items. Three pairs of shoes, one pair of dangly orange earrings and a pair of bracelet cuffs that will come in handy when I have to deflect bullets.


While the truth remains that each of these purchases (let alone just about everything else in my closet) is in preparation for a life I don’t live, a girl can dream. Tripping blithely down the city sidewalks with oh so cute n’ casual ballet flats, adorable purse and jeans, who knows what might happen? I’ll admit that you’re far, far more likely to see such combinations in Santa Barbara than in frumpy old DC, but I aim to change all that. A few months ago, I was having drinks with a few girlfriends who snorted at the headlines announcing that it was “DC Fashion Week.” Ok, so perhaps the nation’s capital can’t lead in everything. What we lack in slim pencil skirts and wide belts we make up for with free (!), fun filled trips to Vega$$.




Jeff Neely is ruing the day his wife snapped this and posted it on her Google account. The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they do grind fine. (Neely understands how that works having participated in that awesome bicycle building exercise.)


At any rate, back to retail therapy. I’m feeling rather buoyant right now because of my purchases. So, do your part, America, get out there and get our economy moving! Buy something for the life you wish you lead and then (as all my self-help books instruct) do something to move yourself closer to the goal! As for me, well, I’m going to wear my new “jewels” to an art show, followed by who knows what else? It’s the anticipation of amazing events around the corner that keeps me going. Don’t down your sorrows in a dark room with an empty wine bottle—hot tub it like our nation’s leaders! Get out there and boogie!



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One Response to “A Life We Don’t Lead”

  1. Cathy C Says:

    I have drawer full of the cutest cocktail napkins for parties I have yet to host.

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