Doctor’s orders: a daily prescription

Alright, ok, I know I’ve been writing about some heavy stuff, lately. Now, however, I am shifting gears and reverting back to cheery! My guess is that you could use some cheer in your life. Me, too. Have you gone back to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary? Talk about cheery! I love it. It’s silly and ridiculous and self-effacing. And how much do I love the fight scene between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant? Only with one thing do I dispute: contrary to snarky comments, Bridget is NOT fat—for heaven’s sake, you can see her collar bones!?! But, I hand it to Renee Zellweger for going out on a limb and presenting herself a more normal weight.


As often as I delve down into some of the introspective waters, it’s far more important to remember to break the surface of our lives and LAUGH! What have you laughed about lately? When was the last time you had a good, old fashioned belly laugh? Truly. It’s so easy to forget to do this, to lose oneself in the very real concerns of our daily existence, but don’t.


Some book I read stated that most of what we fear might happen will never come to pass. Newspapers love to pump the speculations of apocalypse because none of us wants to be caught out, but I encourage you to reject this modus operandi. Instead, look for the ridiculous in the shopping malls, the tv newscasters’ hairstyles, magazine stories, and the comments of our relatives or neighbors. The snippets of conversation you will catch, if you listen, are hilarious.


An example of the moment: awhile ago, I found myself out on a date that I didn’t realize was a date—and I only discovered this at the, uh, awkward end. I met him at a dinner party where the hostess had set me up with the other single male. I thought Male #2 was gay, so naturally, I was relaxed and simply myself. This decision turned out to be the fly in the ointment. As is often the case in DC, the party was hijacked by an impossible old man who spent the entire time quoting a variety of Supreme Court justices as well as sharing his views on politically incorrect matters such as what Asian women “liked” while his Asian companion sat there with a smile plastered on her face. It was insufferable and hilarious at the same time—from across the dinner table, my erstwhile, future date and I rolled our eyes at one another—little did I suspect that this was interpreted as my being a coquette. Ugh, I can be so obtuse. As I was leaving, Male #2 dragged me into the kitchen and said, “We must have lunch.” Alas, nothing about this exchange communicated “date” to me.


One week later, following some texts about my purple vest which I didn’t understand (retrospect showed he was flirting with me), he walked me to my car after lunch and started to “lean in.” Given the fact that he is shorter than I, it made this even more surprising and, well, awkward. I froze, unwilling to accommodate this most inelegant of moments–it was daytime, lunch and no wine involved–I have standards, for heaven’s sake. Please understand that I am not laughing at my erstwhile suitor—he is lovely; he’s just not for me. So, back to Bridget Jones. She is my doppelganger only with more action. Nonetheless, I laugh at how life can surprise us at the least likely of moments, and it is this which I want you to embrace. When was the last time you laughed? When something truly ridiculous happened in which you found joy? Don’t forget to do this. There’s a lot of fun to be had in life, and if we don’t have it, well, what’s the bloody point? Doctor’s orders: get out there and laugh–even if it’s maniacal.


Next up: my thoughts on class reunions and alumni magazine entries…or maybe I’ll write about food or who knows what else?


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One Response to “Doctor’s orders: a daily prescription”

  1. helenga Says:

    Thank you for my daily dose of laughter! I love that story! And you’re right, laughter truly is the best medicine.

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