10 Things to Ask Yourself When Re-booting Your Life

I thought I’d share with you some of the tools that have helped me as I’ve been making this transition in my life. For me, it helps to write things down, to see them in black and white as opposed to the jumble of emotion, images and thoughts that can swirl together in my head. The thing about re-booting is that prior to that point where the screen goes black, you need to decide whether or not you’re going to push that off button. Here’s my version of what to do before you make that choice.

  1. What sort of change do I feel I need to make?
  2. Why do I think I need to change things?
  3. How might others be directly impacted by my making this change?
  4. Am I prepared to handle the fallout?
  5. Am I prepared to handle the uncertainty that accompanies any change?
  6. Realistically (and this is the hard part), what’s the worst that can happen?
  7. Could it really be that bad?
  8. What amazing things might happen if I did make this change?
  9. How would I feel about myself if I decided to stick with the way things are?
  10. Do I believe in myself enough to try?

(Bonus question: what assumptions am I making as I answer these? Are those assumptions true or fair?)

Without fail, change enters all of our lives—some we choose, some we do not. Change can bring the end of many bad things: bad jobs, bad relationships, bad health, so there’s a lot about change that we can happily embrace!

Often, though, change presents itself at an “inconvenient” time. We don’t always get to choose when change happens, just like we don’t always get to choose when to have a baby or when to do something else we’re not entirely sure we want to do. But, if we wait for the “right” time, that time might never come.

So, as you go about mulling over what it is that you’re dissatisfied with in your life or what it is that you’ve had a nagging urge to try, ask yourself the above questions. Ask yourself to answer them, in writing, first thing every morning for five days in a row. Quick answers, don’t think too much. Don’t do this when you’re feeling miserable about your life, wait until you’re in a decent mood to begin. Then go.

Try it. Take a breath, trust yourself, and be brave enough to ask.

If you have any additional questions you find helpful, I’d love to hear them–this is an ongoing thing for me.


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8 Responses to “10 Things to Ask Yourself When Re-booting Your Life”

  1. Julianne Crispin Says:

    Rett, you are so much more wise than you give yourself credit for. There are hard questions, and it speaks to how bright and brave you are that you are willing to ask them of yourself, and pose them to others.

  2. dignitarysretreat Says:

    Thanks, Julie. I figure everyone experiences some version of this at least at one point in their lives and sometimes lists like this can help people who are not sure how to go about thinking about something so important to them.

  3. Patrick Ross Says:

    This is quite a list! I guess I’ll add one, since you invited me. How about “What is one change I can make right now, today?” Sometimes real change, profound change, requires so many steps, it’s easy to just think about the end result rather than take the steps to get there. I find in those cases it’s easier to look only at the next step.

    • dignitarysretreat Says:

      Very, very true! The daily baby steps get us there in the long run, don’t they. And not being daunted by the overall goal. That helps! Thanks…

  4. Julie Crispin Says:

    Just saw your picture. Rett, it is beautiful! it captures your vibrancy, your spirit and your humor.

  5. Visit These Six Blogs. Now. « The Artist's Road Says:

    […] Dignitary’s Retreat: Chrisanna tells us she is “in the process of re-booting my life.” With raw honesty, she is chronicling a major life change that has brought her back home to Washington, D.C., after many years in Santa Barbara. “My blog’s purpose is simply to record and share some of life’s humorous or thought provoking experiences, which generally spring forth from the most mundane of circumstances,” she shares. I can relate. I encourage students to engage readers in conversation by inviting feedback on insights and reflections, which she does in “10 Things to Ask Yourself When Re-booting Your Life.” […]

  6. grasshopper Says:

    I LOVE lists…love them. And this is a great one! #8 particularly struck me, because having gone through a major life change I related to the steps you outlined. I hadn’t consciously realized I went through most or all of them at some point leading up to the decision for the change that was made—indeed as life would have it, the change was both a decision on my behalf, and also partly forced upon me by circumstances and others…however, what’s remarkable about #8 is that we will never know just how many amazing things can happen us to when we make a change. in retrospect, i am stunned by just what I would have missed out on had I not gone through the change I did…as painful as it was at the time. At the end of the day, I think the key is looking at our life and realizing, “okay, I may not know what all will or won’t happen in my life because of this change, but one thing is certain: I can’t continue to live my life like THIS for the next 20 years.” If that’s the case, one MUST make a change. Because the truth is, if we think that we can sort of cruise in the same rut, and wait to jump on a new opportunity when it comes…odds are it won’t happen. We have to be courageous enough to free ourselves fully before the new can come in. It’s like spring-cleaning, except that most of us don’t clean out the closets of our life nearly often enough in our lifetimes….

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