A dollar for your thoughts

Taco Bell’s new campaign is “Graduate to Go.” By giving a dollar, I (somehow) will inspire high school students to graduate. Really? My dollar will do this?

Why aren’t they inspired to graduate ON THEIR OWN?

Honestly, I find this advertising campaign shocking. It isn’t enough for kids to want to achieve this mark of achievement, well, just because it might possibly mean something in terms of their own, personal journey. Rather, it takes my dollar to get them over the hump.

You know what, guys, this is disgusting to me.  Maybe it’s just me. But isn’t getting an education sufficient in and of itself a sufficient motivator to, say, do the work necessary to earn a high school diploma?

We now are faced with a situation where a huge corporation has to encourage US–you and me– to give a dollar, buy a burrito, to supply sufficient encouragement to get some kid in East LA or Houston or New Orleans to buckle down and study?

If so, how much is such a kid worth to us in the future? Politically incorrect, perhaps, but I want my dollar’s worth.



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2 Responses to “A dollar for your thoughts”

  1. grasshopper Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. So much in today’s world does revolve around success as defined by monetary worth, and as a result money is frequently the motivating factor in many undertakings, including education. Sad, but true. Sure, we all want to earn a good living, but its easy to get side-tracked: do we want to have a successful career that is fulfilling to us based on what we do and how we affect the world and others around us through what we do, or do we want a successful career that is based on how much money we make. And if it’s the latter is that desire for money motivated by the luxury items we can buy, or the notion that having enough money will give us a certain amount of “security,” and thus more freedom to truly LIVE life….in the end, you’re right, if we’re only motivated to get an education because someone else will give us a dollar, then odds are we’re not pursuing something that will make us a passionate individual with much to offer society in return…

  2. dignitarysretreat Says:

    If you aren’t motivated on your OWN–no matter how well intended a program may be–that is the core issue. At the end of the day, we can only rely on our self evaluations and motivations to measure our performance. Whether it’s a high school diploma, a decision to be a whistleblower, whatever–outside motivations are a pale comparison to what moves un internally.

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