Ten Things to Admire about America

So, it’s the eve of July 4th and rather than write about re-booting, I’ve decided to focus on gratitude and what we can appreciate about the amazing experiment in democracy that is the United States. There may be plenty of things wrong with our current state of affairs, but there’s more that’s inherently right and we must build from our strengths. This applies as much to our personal growth as it does to nation states.

Happy Birthday, America!

1. We can openly criticize the government without being shot dead.
2. Anyone, of any social strata, can “make” it in this country, if they have the right combination of luck, savvy, and hard work.
3. Personal freedom means more here than in any other locale on the globe.
4. Neither Monica Lewinsky nor Gennifer Flowers were shot dead or disappeared–think about how HUGE this is, considering the stakes.
5. Despite however many hanging chads may have been at issue, not a single shot was fired in the Bush v. Gore recount episode–think about what an enormous tribute this is to the strength of our democracy and the rule of law.
6. A democracy is only as strong as the people who participate in it–so get involved.
7. If you don’t inform yourself, if you don’t participate, if you don’t speak out–you only have yourself to blame. You have a voice, but it’s your responsibility to use it.
8.Voters have GOT to hold Congress accountable, otherwise, they’re pretty much ALL self dealers.
9.Hollywood is one of our most powerful world exports because the stories we tell influence the entire world. What stories are we telling?
 10. The American Spirit of personal freedom, generosity to others, and creativity cannot be matched anywhere else.

It’s important to give thanks to those who established this nation and made the sacrifices necessary to set it on its path. Whether in the US or elsewhere, these values impact each of us in our daily lives–what are you doing to to make certain these strengths remain vibrant and strong.


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3 Responses to “Ten Things to Admire about America”

  1. Deborah La Gorce Says:

    What am I doing to participate? I’m voting for Romney.

  2. helenga Says:

    Great post! Thanks for the reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for in this country. It’s often very easy to forget. Happy Fourth!!

  3. grasshopper Says:

    well said! Such important points we should all keep in mind! Thank you for sharing!

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