The Inventory of Threes

(Think about this while you’re running errands later today and then take 15 minutes to write down your answers. This will be valuable information for you to recall.)



3 talents you have that people have admired

3 meaningful opportunities you’ve said yes to

3 newly acquired skills you’ve gained


3 people you’re deeply glad you’ve known (whether they’re still in your life or not)

3 projects  (long or short term) that you’re working on

3 things you appreciate about your home


3 acts of kindness you have done for others

3 acts of kindness others have done for you

3 things you’re looking forward to


Sometimes, it’s hard to recall a list like this, which is why it’s good to write it down.

Re-booting always involves congratulating yourself on the progress you’ve made!


Past, present, future; tangible, intangible; innate, acquired.


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One Response to “The Inventory of Threes”

  1. grasshopper Says:

    what a wonderful list. 3 is a number that has much spiritual meaning in it too. 🙂 I wrote my list to remind myself!

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