Minor Puzzles and a Rant

Excuse me while I rant a bit. Have you ever noticed a widespread trend and thought, “Huh?” What is it with all these game apps for mobile phones? Why is it that people feel the need to be entertained every moment of the day? What is this all about?


It’s not even a question of lessening the boredom of an unexpected delay–I watch adults playing games on their phones in the Metro, at work, in the gym, walking on the beach in Santa Barbara. I Don’t Get This. How can these games be so engaging to the exclusion of everything else? Aren’t people concerned about being so distracted that they aren’t aware of what’s around them? To me, nothing is as interesting as people watching—observing families at the airport, in the market, sitting in outdoor cafes—this is the real entertainment! Why would you forgo a free cabaret like this in order to purchase (with real money) fake cows for your fake farm on Zynga?


And, curmudgeon luddite that I am, why does anyone want to keep in touch with so many people all the time? Do you have that much to say? Is your life that fascinating? Is theirs? How is it even possible for people to get addicted to Facebook? What does all this palaver mean?


I find transition times, such as that of the commute to and from work, or daily rituals such as walking the dog or exercising to be an opportunity to unwind and mentally shift from one part of my day to the next. These monotonous tasks permit me to mull over what I’ve accomplished and what needs to happen next, or random ideas and insights will pop into my head as I huff and puff my way on the Precor. Perhaps I am alone in seeking solace from this 24/7 nonstop distraction, because what I see, instead, is all of my fellow exercisers eagerly watching tv or sending emails or even chatting away on their phones as they multitask their way to health and fitness. Is it so terrible to have “dead time?” What is it they’re afraid will happen if they actually have time to think?


And, another thing. Different topic. Life is not a costume drama. Fall Fashion Week is currently in full swing in New York. Those glorious trends that we will see show up next Spring are now being modeled on runways throughout the City. And as arty and cutting edge as a lot of these designers are, what does it say about their vision of dressing women that if I saw even one of those Ralph Lauren models gamboling along K street dressed in one of his 1920’s flapper get ups or those ridiculous Tommy Hilfiger fake country club get ups, let alone wearing a Marc Jacobs giant fuzzy hat, I’d think they suffered from some sad delusional condition. Honestly! Who buys this stuff? And where do they wear it?


Personally, I’ve harbored a secret theory that certain designers get a perverse pleasure out of creating outfits as unattractive and ridiculous as possible and then seeing who will bite. It’s the only explanation I can drum up for the success of the colossally ugly and impractical Louis Vuitton luggage. Has anyone seen the Emperor?


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One Response to “Minor Puzzles and a Rant”

  1. grasshopper Says:

    bottom line: as wonderful as technology can be, it has helped create the crazy world we live in…with constant amusement. I don’t get it either. Down time is so essential. I’m with you 100% on this one. 🙂

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