Drowning in Stuff: A Strangled Cry

Excuse me while I hop onto my soap box, but with the holiday present exchange looming, I’ve got to make a plea: please, please, please get rid of some stuff before you bring any more junk into your home!


I’m begging here. Do not burden yourself or your children or whomever with yet more stuff. Even if we lived in a tent or a 10×10 foot room, we’d have more stuff than we need. I honestly believe that mugs multiply at night, behind closed doors. To those of you who argue that your stuff is nice stuff, I say, “So what?” Stuff is stuff, and it uses up too much physical and emotional space in our lives. Get Rid Of It.


Do you truly need 15 mugs? How about six sets of side tables? And those old cell phones you never use—why are they still sitting in your office? What about the shoes that give you blisters so you never wear them, but you haven’t given them away?


While we re-booters are busy reordering our lives and working on our mental house cleaning, why not channel some of this energy into offloading some of the stuff we all have but never use. It’s a burden! Get Rid Of It.


Think of this as happy recycling: allow your stuff to go to a home where it will be used, not laying neglected, gathering dust in some hidden corner of your home. I don’t care how expensive or nice it is; you’re not using it and somebody else could. Talk about a win-win! If you just spent 10 minutes a day to culling through your crap, you’d make a world of progress in short order. Pick up an empty box and make it your goal to fill it over the course of the next week. Pile up about 5 boxes worth and then donate them. If you don’t, I can guarantee you that this same stuff will end up in a dumpster years from now, tossed in there with no dignity by fuming relatives who are stuck cleaning up after your mess.


Get Rid Of It.


I know, I know, there are many of you who groan to hear me preach and preen like this, but I’m doing it for the greater good, yours and mine. Face it: nobody you know wants your junk—as nice as it may be—which is why it is incumbent upon you, as it’s custodian, to make sure it finds another happy home. With someone who will actually use it and be happy about having it in their life. You know who you are. You know the stuff I am talking about. It sits there, all day, staring at you and you pretend not to see it. “I’m too tired, “ you whine. “I might need it when the great flood comes or if I ever get invited to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I should hold onto it, you know, just in case.”


Bah humbug is my answer. Think of it this way: if you get rid of your old stuff, that means you can replace it with new junk! Yes, you too, can offload those slightly dingy, German mugs from the early 80s and get 40 new clean, shiny ones from West Elm!


Please oh please oh please. Help me help motivate you. Get Rid Of It.


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3 Responses to “Drowning in Stuff: A Strangled Cry”

  1. Julie Crispin Says:

    But I am the Queen of Junk. Doesn’t that count for something? 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. dignitarysretreat Says:

    Ah, you have competition for the crown, my friend! Don’t grasp onto that title too tightly… Ha ha ha!

  3. helenga Says:

    I can definitely think of a few contenders for that crown! I must say it does feel really good to get rid of stuff!!

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