The Constancy of Change

It’s a rather odd, philosophical maxim when you think about it: change being a constant. But, what’s the point of living if we don’t allow life to change us? In fact, there’s very little we can do to avoid it, and those who cling to remaining ever the same are fighting against the tide. Have you ever heard of even one instance of the tide not winning?


I raise this topic not because you don’t already know this, but because it bears repeating. If we keep this adage in mind, we may be more accepting of the discomfort that inevitably accompanies such flux—even when it’s for the good! As Re-booters, change is inherent in what we are doing, but that doesn’t make it any easier; it just means that we are more willing to push past our initial discomfort.


Why do you think change is so hard for so many? And, do people who accept/embrace change more easily possess qualities that we might copy? Who do you know in your life whose attitude towards change is one you admire? What is it, specifically, that they do?


What is it about your life, today, that you’d like to change? And, when I say this, I do not mean what you’d like to change about other people. Let’s take that off the agenda right now, because it ain’t happenin.


I’m trying to get you to think. So often, we proceed through our lives trying not to notice the change that is occurring right before our eyes—whether it’s a change in our bodies, change in our immediate relationships, or changes in how we perceive life. We’re too busy attending to the demands of our daily responsibilities to think about it until, all of a sudden, like Yours Truly, our life gets upended for whatever reason. And Change Takes Center Stage.


But, even if your life has no signs up upheaval, even if it appears as though life’s waters are calm, change is still there in the undercurrents. Were you to take 10 minutes to think about this, what change do you perceive occurring in your life? How do you feel about it? Is it something that excites you, confuses you, or you’d rather not consider? As a Re-booter, I encourage you to forego the last option and at least play with whatever possibility popped into your head just now.


There’s nothing more to this blog post than what I have just said. Change is a constant in all of our lives; we’re all changing. The world is changing. Social contracts and life-long assumptions are as vulnerable to this change as are our preferences in more mundane matters. Fighting change is a losing battle, but it has wonderful portent—beyond which we have the imagination to dream up!


As a Re-booter, you already know this. It just bears repeating because we have a tendency to forget. What change is coming for you?


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