The Geshtalt for “Get Over It”

This being Washington DC, a leading generator of acronyms and aphorisms, many of its most infamous citizens are irresistibly drawn to language—too much language, ponderous, heavy language, the origin of much verbal dehydration. And, for this predilection, the city is a deserved recipient of much ridicule. Washington is also the city of Big Concepts—and rightly, so, if a nation’s capital is worth its salt—however, such grand visions for society rarely lend themselves to credible condensations.

But, sometimes, verbal shorthands for widespread problems or aggravations are entertainingly effective. I plead guilty to being one of a long line of wordy woodpeckers and take a certain amount of pride on cribbing off the efforts of others. Case in point: a well known political movement’s name can be employed handily when you want the conversation to end. An off hand muttering of, “” and they’ll get the point. Ok, well, maybe being so blunt isn’t the best course, but at least you can think it to yourself and generate a certain amount of levity.

Or, if someone is whining about their favorite grievance, you might consider, “” See how easy this is? In one fell url, you can encapsulate the entire geshtalt of “problem-diagnosis-solution.” Handy, ain’t it? This is Green Word Economy at its best. Recycle, reuse, repurpose. Re-boot, don’t forget about re-boot.

Our world has picked up the pace, so, unless you start your own blog with which to soapbox, most of us have less time to listen to someone’s issues, let alone blather on about our own. Imagine how much more efficient conversations can be if we employ one of these responses! Not only will you be honestly and accurately encapsulating an entire line of complex thought, but you will displease your audience enough that they will no longer burden you with their problems! Now that’s a win-win in my book.

This approach applies equally to whatever each of us is carping on about. All too often, people have particular issues that they just can’t see past, despite the fact that they are making a bad thing worse by focusing so much energy on it! The beauty of MoveOn.Org or as a response is that it gives a Washington-edged ring to a remedy for such ailments. Whatever you exercise grows stronger, so if you complain a lot, it just makes it worse. Re-booters know this.

While this post is written tongue in cheek, I do find that calling upon a humorous (silent) response to aggravations can be enormously effective when we get stressed. The definition of being a good spouse or friend or relative or colleague usually includes listening to repeated renditions of problems people fixate on. After a certain point, though, it dawns on us that maybe this person enjoys feeling aggrieved more than they wish to find a solution. Alas, there are far too many people out in the world who get an adrenalin rush from being angry or hurt or whatever on a prolonged basis. They tell themselves that this is what it means to be alive! To show I care! To radiate my power! Nonsense.  A simple acronym may be all they need.


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One Response to “The Geshtalt for “Get Over It””

  1. Julie Crispin Says: I love it! You have to reserve that URL right now! Then you can invite people to post ways for our government to grow up. Brilliant! Love, Julie

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