Spicy and Untamed

No, this is not the beginning of a porno, sorry to frustrate you. We here at Re-booter Central share your false hope and bitter disappointment, but have opted for a slightly different emphasis than one pursued by the likes of Carlos Danger and Sydney Leathers. (Can I just say that this particular plot point serves as evidence that the Universe has a great sense of humor?)

Rather, the direction I choose to take with this post lends itself to a more G-rated exploration of one of the themes highlighted on this blog—who we are within. What part of you is wild and potentially unnerving to others? For example, perhaps there’s a part of you that identifies with the titan arum, aka the Corpse Flower, which released its fetid stink at the US Botanic Garden this summer. Or maybe you envision parallels between you and the spirit of a feral horse, before Genghis Khan got his hands on ‘em and conquered most of Eurasia. I’m willing to place money on the fact that you know there’s an element to your persona that almost no one would guess is there—something undomesticated, brazen, and anti-social.

When playing with this notion of our being spicy and untamed, I figure most folks prefer nurturing their fantasy than making it real–perhaps, I’m wrong. But the Carlos Dangerous tendencies we each harbor don’t automatically necessitate appalling secrets. To me, it suggests an orneriness of spirit that no matter what responsibilities we have in our lives, or whatever level of social acceptance we ascribe to, there is a stubborn vein of primal matter in us that we know cannot be extinguished.

What is your most rebellious image of yourself? What about it do you find so appealing? Is this something you want or is it more as a reaction against something else? Is there any strategy you could use that might allow you to express it, even a little bit?

Hmm, sounds like fun…

The thing about such fantasies is that they exist because there’s a part of us that we consider forbidden and unacceptable; and, in polite society, we may very well be correct in our assessment. But, I don’t believe there’s a single person out there who doesn’t harbor such thoughts. Nary a one of us is fully realized. While the most obvious examples of spicy and untamed typically involve sex, I’m more interested in focusing on aspects of our lives beyond that. So, let’s take sexual proclivities off the table and refocus on other ways we’d like to rebel. What hidden element of you remains untamed?

Have you dreamed of walking away from your law practice to become a park ranger? How about never having to attend any more family holiday meals—ever. Maybe you enjoy watching boxing more than you think you should. What if you told your hunting-enthusiast spouse you’ve never liked eating duck, even after 15 years of doing so? Would professing contrary political views from your cadre of cohorts send them into cardiac arrest? I’ve just provided examples of family, food, money, violence, and politics—yeah, all the marquee topics. Do you think it’s possible that your public life might continue even after confessing such appetites? Can you embrace the rebel within? Unbridled freedom can feel scary, can’t it?

The thing about Re-booters is that we’re willing to consider our hidden truths and contradictions. Maybe our fears are inflated. Maybe our fantasies never will see the light of day, but respecting the fact that they exist allows us to understand ourselves better. It also establishes an empathy with others who wrestle with their own variety of spice. I, for one, like a bit of feral horse—it makes life way more interesting.


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