The Metaphysics of Co-Pays

With all this hubub about health insurance and Obamacare and the ongoing debate between coverage and cost, it got me thinking about re-booting one’s life and the metaphysics of co-pays. What is the co-pay required for you to live the life you have? What sort of co-pay do you expect from those with whom you share your life? Do you see yourself as the insurer or the insured? Is your policy that of an individual or a group? Have you recently cut some one off your plan? Was there a rate hike involved in this decision? What would be the cost of changing your policy entirely and going with an entirely different plan or provider? For your life, that is.


Now that I’ve got you thinking…


A significant part of the debate about health insurance revolves around forcing people to buy coverage they don’t want or need, with authorities claiming that to offer any other options would be providing “substandard care.” Really? Does a sixty year old need coverage for pregnancy? On an entirely different front, but equally valid in terms of the basis for our assumptions, there is a societal prejudice that institutions such as marriage and family need to fit certain parameters, but it goes further than that because those who wish to participate can get lost and confused if their lives and their experiences don’t match what everyone tells them it should be like! Speaking of underlying social prejudices, one of my favorites, of late, came from an October New York Times article profiling gay couples who had chosen not to marry. The partner in one such couple claimed that she refused to marry saying marriage is a privilege that stigmatizes singles. Wow! I suppose she believes her views to be “compassionate,” but as a single person myself, it caught my attention that the condition in which I entered (let alone exit) this world should be such a shame-inducing status. Hmm. What does this opinion tell us about this woman’s frame of reference and assumptions?


So, back to you. As re-booters, we all understand that there are prices to be paid and trade offs to be made for whatever path in life we select. What I am trying to get you to reflect upon is how high a daily price is involved for you? Is it worth it? And, what sort of price do you demand from others (because you do)? If this question surprises you or makes you uncomfortable, may I recommend that you spend some time considering what you require of those in your life. Are they paying it gladly or with resentment? How about you? Are you present and gladly making your co-pays to enjoy and ensure the smooth workings of your arrangement or have you so mentally detached from your situation that the coins you offer are hollow? 


At this moment, are you the insurer or the insured? Have you signed up for the plan you really want, that serves the needs you have? Think on this and get back to me. Operators are standing by.


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