March 4th: A Re-booter’s Rallying Cry

March fourth is the only date that doubles as a verb, so we may as well use it as incentive to get out there and get going. Although there is plenty about the re-booting process that is internal, we’re also required to take action and make some noise. So, why not today? It’s as good a starting point as any. Let’s make a little progress on your goals, move the ball down the field a couple of yards—march forward, my friends!


I’m not demanding a lot from you when I say this. Making progress on some minor goals can engender more energy (and enthusiasm) for tackling major ones. For instance, take an hour and start to clear out that closet; sit down and organize your papers for tax day; walk around the block as a way to introduce regular exercise into your regimen. We all can find excuses not to do these things (I don’t want to do my taxes, either)—the one that tops the list is, “I’m too busy.” Yeah, yeah, whine and justify all you want, but you’re not fooling anyone. We’re all busy. March fourth is only here for a few, measly hours, so move it.


Oh, you don’t like this little kick in the pants? Well, too bad, because part of being a re-booter involves the occasional dose of tough love.


Individuals’ resistance to change is epic. Honestly, do you know anyone who truly relishes the idea of summoning sufficient energy to get out there and try something new? Who relishes the idea of plans going awry and falling flat on their face? Well, do you? Too often, as much as we may loathe and detest our current situation, it often requires a case of dynamite to get us to break out of the cement mix that has become our lives—this was certainly the case for me. I was willing to endure all sorts of unkind and belittling behaviors for way too long because I was scared and because I had no idea what in the world I would possibly do, instead. I hope things aren’t this bad for you; I hope you never let them get that awful because you deserve to thrive and laugh, not cower and cry.


So often in life, there is no cataclysmic event that triggers in us the propelling energy to make the change we need. Instead, we are more akin to frogs simmering in ever hotter water, making excuses as to why our current circumstances are a preferred option. We tell ourselves that, “Now is not the time—there’s too much going on that I have to do first.” “I’m being practical and responsible.” “I don’t want to lose what I have.”


Ok, well is what you have so great? Would you be nursing this pining if a part of you wasn’t screaming that you need something else, something more? Think of it this way: with regard to life transformation, for whatever you risk losing, remind yourself of all those unpleasant circumstances from which you will be free. Free of that asshole! Free of that soul killing job! Free of the need to “prove yourself” to whomever holds sway today. And free of the pain and misery which accompanies all of the above. Perhaps you can only truly flourish once you are freed. My fellow re-booters, don’t forget that not all your good ideas or possibilities arrive at one time—many only occur to you or manifest after you’ve shed your chains. Just because you don’t see the hope now doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! This is where trust enters the picture. This is where hope assumes it’s most critical and impelling role: we act out of hope. So, let me ask you this: what do you hope for? You’ll never get any closer to it if you don’t march forth. Today’s the day.


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