The Hour of Opportunity

Aside from those rebels out in Arizona, Hawaii, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, everyone else is reaping the bounty of Daylight Saving Time. (I always thought it was “Savings,” but have since been corrected.) From now until November, we can take our crepuscular selves out to frolic in that additional hour of golden light. What will you do with your newfound dose of sunshine? Will you now make time to pursue that goal you’ve been flirting with? Will you reserve it as an opportunity for private regeneration, away from the ordinary demands? Or will you let it pass unnoticed—just one in the endless string of hours that is your daily trudge?

It’s not often in life that we’re given things for free; yes, yes, I understand that, technically, we lose an hour in the morning, but you & I both know that for all practical purposes DST brings additional time with which to get things done. Personally, this idea of dedicating this extra day lit hour for a me-only, regenerative activity presents real possibilities for doing something I might not otherwise do. I mean, you already have the rest of your schedule set, so what if dinner gets pushed off an hour? Would that be so bad—especially when you consider how you might use those sixty minutes? And for those of you who have demanding young uns, I know it’s tough, but I bet it’s possible for you to squeeze out a little time for yourself. From a macro perspective, doing this for you will make things better for everyone.

I can’t tell you the number of people I know who say they feel they have no time or space to themselves. Are you amongst them? In this workaday world we live in, it’s almost frowned upon to take a personal time out. The Dickensian model of slave labor–no lunch breaks or vacations, where one is tied to their workplace 24/7—is a deeply unhealthy way to subsist. And, if you are ever so unfortunate as to find yourself living like this, just how much more important does this extra hour become in terms of retaining whatever little you have left of your health or your sanity? (Sadly, I know whereof I speak.) An hour to exercise, to canoodle with your honey, to sit in the sun with your eyes closed, to pick at the guitar, to walk on the beach with nobody vying for our attention. On the rare occasions when you’ve carved out the time to do something similar, do you remember how refreshed you felt afterwards? How much more amenable and cooperative you were with those around you? How much more hopeful life felt? Isn’t this how you want to live?

So, do it.

Part of successful re-booting mandates that we break old patterns in order to substitute positive behaviors that enable us to be the people we want to be, to live the lives we want to live. Forget those naysayers in Arizona! We’ve gained an hour they forwent. Indulge me and try—just try—taking this newly found time to do something restorative. If anyone questions it, tell them you’re going through a gloaming phase and need to be alone—they’ll confuse it with molting and instinctively steer clear.

We waste too many hours doing things we don’t want to do… savor these sixty minutes any way you choose. Times a ticking…



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