A Re-booter Rx

As I’ve struggled with both looking for employment and managing the discouragement that has accompanied so many poor outcomes, I’ve taken to seeking out “signs” that I’m on the right or wrong path. My quest to re-boot has been so prolonged that I no longer trust myself to know if I’m on the right track. I must summon a huge amount of energy to refrain from despairing that this wilderness period reflects a lack of worth on my part. It’s all so impenetrable that I question my every choice. Some days, I just want somebody to tell me what to do.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all had periods of struggle or instability in our lives where we feel ground down and unsure if we have the stamina or strength to shove that boulder up the hill one more time. Whether it’s staring down ten or more years of child rearing, a seeming lifetime before we can retire and collect our paltry pension, or yet another weekend of that nincompoop we’re living with, sometimes it feels nearly impossible to move forward. Overwhelm is a good word for it. Yes, that sums things up nicely.

It’s times like these when we need to stop thinking. Full stop. Rather than dissecting all the ways we’ve gone wrong or made bad choices, we need to do the very thing that feels most dangerous: we need to forget our woes and go have some fun. No, that does not mean getting drunk. (Yes, you heard me, correctly.) Now is the moment to have an evening of revelry with friends, to take that day trip to a beautiful landmark, to indulge in a river raft adventure, to laugh a lot. When was the last time you truly laughed?

This prescription successfully enables us to heal by re-booting our re-booting process. Logjams happen to everyone and when we get caught in the eddys of such dour minds, it can be tough to break free. Of course, the problems that swamp our thoughts are real and require concrete solutions, so a lot more’s involved than merely changing how we think about a challenge. But, when feeling frustrated or discouraged, we have a tendency to see less options rather than more, so we’re now in the worst possible mind frame to see a new path out of our mess. Having fun enables us to escape the web of misery we’ve woven. It’s often when we’re not even thinking about an issue that we receive clarity about it. Have you ever noticed that your best ideas usually come to you when you feel happy and relaxed? Do you recall what it’s like to feel that way, anymore?

So, whatever it is that oppresses you—forget about it! Give yourself the weekend off and plan something fun, instead. Your problems aren’t going anywhere, they’ll be waiting for you when you return. But what you will gain is a booster shot of joy, a reaffirmation that your can feel happy and fulfilled in the right circumstance. It’s exactly the dose you need.


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