Recognizing the Momentum in Your Life

I’m inclined to consider Murphy’s Law one of the most powerful forces in the universe. As regular DR readers know, I’ve suffered through an agonizing job search process, marked by a few rare, but heart breaking highs, and multiple forlorn lows. This journey has resulted in bouts of profound discouragement and an occasional shaking of fists at the heavens. But, despite all this distress, I’m grateful that I’m no longer where I was, because where I was offered nothing but personality altering and soul crushing burdens.


So, it is not without a certain amount of irony that my most recent burst of networking resulted in a tip which appeared to be right up my alley—only to lead to in an individual who works directly with those I fled. Ah, life is rich, n’est-ce pas?


This unwelcome discovery plunged me into momentary despair and confusion. Staring out the window, I found myself caught in spiraling thoughts where I worried that this incident proved my fate was one of chronic joblessness, but then something marvelous happened. I broke this cycle; I reminded myself that false leads still indicate movement. So, this particular trail was a dead end, I reasoned, but others remain to be followed. Instead of permitting myself to define my situation in terms of stagnation, I recovered more quickly to reframe it as signs of progress. As Sir Isaac Newton observed in 1687, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. That’s me! It also happens to be you, too.


My point is two-fold: 1) I’d like you to think about aspects of your life where momentum exists. Even if progress is measured in millimeters, there are aspects where you are gaining ground and 2) does your assessment include a heightened ability to spring back from set backs? Where have you gained in your resiliency? Can you think of a situation that previously would have upset you, but now no longer throws you off?


In most respects, it’s much easier to give up, to walk away, to call it quits, and to feel sorry for oneself than to trudge forward. Herculean courage must be summoned when it feels as though nothing is going right. And, remember, things can always be worse! I have a friend whose domestic situation is in tatters right now. After several years of gradual devolvement, things within her family have exploded and she is left to shoulder the burden of being the grown up. At a time when little about hearth and home feels rewarding or worthwhile, she perseveres. At least things are going great with her job.


This may feel like cold comfort when confronting seemingly intractable problems that impact multiple players, but my point is that, despite all this, she retains areas of her life where she meets with success. And, let’s hope, that the chaos at home may eventually lead to some strongly positive resolutions.


So, when confronted by challenges that feel intractable, I remind you of something you already know: you continue to have parts of your life where things are going well. Reminding yourself of such is a key element to building up your resilience. Life only defeats us if we let it. Re-booters regroup, they don’t resign.



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2 Responses to “Recognizing the Momentum in Your Life”

  1. helenga Says:

    Yet another wonderful and timely post! Love the photo btw! Is that SB?

  2. dignitarysretreat Says:


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