Tick Tock!

Today is July 1st; half the year now fully behind us, fading fast as we speed towards December. Instead of panicking, why don’t we use this as an opportunity to review all that we’ve achieved thus far? Come on now, I know you’ve achieved at least some goals! Ok, maybe they are small compared to what you still need to do, but they count. Let’s make a list, shall we? What life lessons have you learned since January? Have you found that interacting with Person X isn’t nearly as onerous as you feared? Have you successfully kept your mouth shut even when your feelings were hurt? Maybe you’ve mastered a more diplomatic way to present your needs so that the entire exchange runs more smoothly? Am I close?


On a summer’s day such as this, with the sweet smell of freshly mown grass wafting nearby or the temptation presented by an early evening BBQ with friends, perhaps the last thing you may feel like doing is taking stock of what you’ve been up to. Maybe you’re a master procrastinator or you prefer avoidance because you loathe reminders of what has been left undone. I get it. I sympathize. Trust me, when I look at my list of to-dos, say like, “find employment, do something people will pay for, or turn the other cheek towards those who are unfriendly,” I cringe. These goals have yet to be met and I wonder if that day will ever come? Despite feelings of similar reluctance, I urge you to shift your perspective and give this inventory business a try. The truth is, there will always be more things to do. Our list of goals never grows shorter. Never.


What I have found by conducting such an appraisal is that I’m often pleasantly surprised by just how much I have achieved—even if they seem to be “little” things. Maybe it’s only enumerating the number of dinners cooked or a rare holding of my tongue, but at least I’ve managed this much. I write about this topic often, I know, but it’s because reviewing what’s happened stimulates greater energy and enthusiasm than avoidance ever can. When you formulate your list, be sure to include examples of forbearance. Whatever we stop doing is equally significant—and usually way more difficult–than initiating new behaviors towards achieving a new goal. For instance, holding yourself back from being an obnoxious jerk is a huge success. Yeah for you! Imagine the pleasures of a jerk free existence. I mean, do you ever regret not being a jerk?


I’m keeping this post short because, well, it’s summer, and we all have better things to do than think big thoughts all day, especially when there are baseball games to watch and margaritas to make, but fortunately for you, you can think your thoughts wherever you go! So what if you zone out from 15 minutes of chit chat with your friends? By the time you finish this little re-booting assignment, you’ll be more energized and in a better mood.


So, get out there, and make the most of these next six months.



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  1. Jim Patterson Says:

    Well done

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