Recalibrating our personal pH

In chemistry, pH (“potential of hydrogen”) is a measure from 0-14 of how alkaline or acidic a solution is (with pure water measuring a 7 for full neutrality). Any amount less than 7 is considered acidic (think lemon juice) and anything more leans towards alkaline (such as an antacid that you take for heartburn). In order to enjoy optimum health, we must maintain a pH of approximately 7.4 in order to regulate our various body functions properly. A shift in diet usually results in a shift in our body chemistry.


For a longtime, now, I ‘ve been fascinated with the tensile strength of spider silk. According to researchers, this gossamer thread is stronger than steel and can stretch amazingly long distances considering its size. But how the spider manages to produce this silk has remained a mystery, until now. A team of Swedish scientists recently posited that spiders convert the soluble proteins (spidroins) into a solid state (the silk) by exposing the substance to a change in pH as the protein travels through the glands. The ability of the spider to convert the liquid spidroins into a material used externally to create webs, catch food, and lay eggs demonstrates how the spider cultivates a latent internal potential into a powerful external force.


Re-booters do exactly the same thing by shifting the way they think about their experiences, expectations, and assessments. In other words, suspending the same ideas and events in a different emulsion can change how we think about them and what happens next. That “solution” is our personal pH.


A simpler way to explain this might go like this: how a pessimist perceives a difficult or painful event differs markedly from that of an optimist. And much of this is due to a significant disparity in the personal pH of these individuals. But the differences don’t stop there because what really counts is what happens next: what is the external “end result” of such an experience being processed through different perspectives? For the optimist, they may be able to evaluate these painful episodes and wind up with a new strategy or sense of self that is as strong as spider silk. For the pessimist, exposing those soluble items (aka your experiences) in that negative solution usually means that no worthwhile final product is generated. All the pessimist gets is a wet, soggy mess. Does what I am saying make any sense?


It’s rare to find a person who understands that they can change how they think about life—altering their personal pH—most never think about it at all, or if they do, they assume that how they’ve operated up ‘til now is what it will be for the rest of time. But, it’s not. Re-booters know this. Re-booters appreciate and respect the fact that we can rewire and re-code, we can change our personal pH by employing deliberate strategies (such as catching ourselves when we get caught in that automatic, harmful mindset) and relentlessly practicing this new, improved approach.


So, the next time you glimpse a spider web floating on the breeze, looking to attach itself for purposes of building a new place to land, I want you to remember what it took to get there. I want you to admire the strength and flexibility of the material that spider has created, which only happened because the spider altered its pH.


spider web



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One Response to “Recalibrating our personal pH”

  1. Kaaren Robertson Says:

    Fabulous! A new pinnacle and delightful. Love it. XX. Mom

    Kaaren Robertson


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