Behold the Meniscus!


There’s that sweet spot in any enjoyable activity where we are getting close to the end and must ask ourselves, “Do I want to take this further?” That tipping point between the delicious elixir of indulgence versus taking something just a tad too far has always been difficult for me to navigate. (I’m a hedonist at heart—figures for a Taurus.) Although not historically developed as a drinking term, I’ve been introduced to the concept of the meniscus of the martini, that spectacular convergence at the bottom of the glass of the salt, vermouth, gin, and olive which melds into one delightful last, savory sip.


It is at this moment a decision must be made.


How far do we take our warm fuzzy feelings before we get ourselves into trouble? I’m not just talking about cocktails here, folks, this applies to anything where we risk becoming overly enthused. Now, I am all for being exuberant—truly—but I’ve learned over the years that not everyone shares the same enthusiasms, so sometimes its wiser to keep them to myself. It serves a re-booter well to be more measured in his or her response despite whatever internal instincts exist. The reason I say so is that our emotions can’t be trusted. What we feel, we feel intensely in the moment, and this reaction may not be proportionate to what the situations merits whether that be love, fury, disappointment, confusion, hope, malaise, depression, or anything else that occurs to you. Losing ourselves in that headspace may make us feel alive (sort of) but it’s a false high.


When was the last time you took something too far? (Just the fact that can remember indicates what a powerful life lesson this can be.)


This concept interests me because there are so many elements of a mature adult’s life that are…measured, responsible, middle of the road, and even mind numbingly neutral. You may disagree, but to me, life should be more than a flat line event—and I’m so not into drama—but negotiating that tightrope between keeping ourselves in check and enjoying the occasional rush that comes with certain interactions or events or activities is not always clear cut. Having lived a life where I have exercised an astounding amount of discipline in many, many facets of my life, I will confess to you that I often wonder how much I’ve missed out on because I didn’t do something, I remained in control, I bypassed the risk. And risk is what re-booting is all about.


Have your habits of self control and discipline somehow gotten in the way of living your life more fully realized?


The converse of this, of course, is taking something too far and we’ve all done that, too. We fell head over heels in love with the potential of a person as opposed to the individual standing before us. We persuaded ourselves that, this time, the venture would work because we so desperately wanted to be right. We ignored the red flags or figured we could say what we wanted and it wouldn’t hurt anybody, anyway. Or, perhaps, we ordered up that next martini and finished it when we should’ve stopped half way…


There are no ready answers to the question I am posing in today’s post. Sometimes we go too far and others we don’t go far enough, but with each instance, I believe there is that magical sweet spot to be discovered. Re-booting encourages us to refine our skills sufficiently to be aware of this and to recognize it when it happens. So, here I am toasting you on your re-booting journey. Skol!






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