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Thankfulness with a Spin

November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving, of course, is all about being thankful for the blessings in our lives. One would hope that we might spend more than one day per year acknowledging what is going right for us, but that’s beside the point. Usually, such expressions of gratitude focus on things we have (good health, a roof over our heads, etc.) or things that others have brought into our lives—all of which is important, but in this post, I wish to re-direct your focus to being grateful for something we did–whether for ourselves or for others–something that gratifies us, that we KNOW is good!


Re-booting is not for the faint of heart. In order to acquire a better life—one closer to the life we wish to lead—much is demanded from us in terms of courage, discipline, patience, and goodwill. We may have to extend ourselves to someone who hasn’t been kind in the past. We may need to summon an extra dose of patience and compassion to see beyond the irritating shortcomings of those around us. We may need to set boundaries with individuals who will not receive such actions well. And each time we take such actions—however imperfect the result may be—we move one step closer to our true path.


What have you accomplished over the course of this year that you are proud of? That you know was the right thing to do. What debris did you clear from your path? What pro-active step did you take towards that elusive thing you need to become a better, stronger person of integrity?


In so many ways, there is little I can point to in my life these days that makes me feel as if I have made any progress, but I also know I have. I have withstood tremendous instability and a sense of losing ground in my immediate circumstances. Summoning the fortitude to withstand the not-knowing is a fundamental component of the re-booting process. Things I have done include writing this blog. I recently wrote a funny story about reinvention that I hope to publish. But, it’s not just about me doing things for me. I know that I have served as a genial companion and care provider for my father. I threw him a wonderful 75th birthday party earlier this year (which he loved) but several months later has no memory of, whatsoever. I listen good humoredly as he marvels day after day at the discovery of this wondrous new food stuff called hummus. I am grateful to myself for having done these things because they didn’t always come easily, but they’re part of the person I want to be.


Who do you want to be? How are you making an effort to get there?


So, before you OD on tryptophan and football, take a few minutes to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, reflecting on all the good things in your life—including those choices and decisions that have brought you closer to your truest self. I know you’ve done something you’re proud of. It’s time to give yourself some much needed credit.


Happy Thanksgiving one and all!


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