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The Day of the Re-booter

January 1, 2013

January first should be re-named The Day of the Re-booter. After all, the whole world starts anew on this day. In fact, we re-booters are role models for everyone out there who sees New Year’s Day as a chance to do things differently.


Easier said than done.


In fact, champion re-booter that I am, I awoke this morning, eyes unwilling to open when old lines of thinking invaded my initial, cognizant thoughts: gripes and disappointments and worries that serve no constructive purpose and only hinder my ability to make progress. So please know that although I focus my comments on optimism and clear headed forward-going strategies, I struggle with this stuff as much as anyone. All the time.


Disclaimer aside, I do wish to emphasize that it is New Year’s Day! You do have a fresh slate before you (at least kinda sorta), and it is up to YOU to make the most of it. Just before I went to bed last night, I planted the seed thought in my head, “What can I do differently, what new strategies might I try, what old ways of thinking about my life am I willing to give up?” Remember, a key part of starting afresh is to let go of some tired old habits.


To make it easier on us both, here is a list of questions for you to ponder:

1.    Might I, somehow, find a way to let go of some of these smoldering resentments? You know which ones I’m talking about. You also know, deep down, that “they” are not going to change. So, it’s up to you to find a new way of thinking about and relating to people and issues that currently generate unhappiness. I could provide myriad examples from my life and from those of people around me, ranging from everything from ongoing dissatisfaction with how their spouses or parents-in-law treat them to despair over the absence of children in their lives to the bitter disappointment of not having the career they dreamed of having. And this is just a start!

  1. Once I somehow manage to change my thinking about some of these issues, what constructive replacement thoughts and behaviors might I substitute? It takes discipline, determination, and practice to establish new habits. Whether it’s integrating exercise into our daily routine, opening the mail over the trashcan, or making a commitment to acknowledge the small kindnesses of others, any new attitude or activity feels foreign when you first start. So what if it feels forced? Keep trying; eventually, it’ll get easier and you’ll have made some real progress.
  1. What scary, new possibility might I allow myself to consider? We all have dreams and desires that feel impossible to us. In the privacy of your own mind, try one out for size. Maybe it’s not so bad to be on my own. Maybe I don’t have to provide for all these people now that they’re adults. Maybe I should go back to music. Maybe I could speak up for myself. Maybe I don’t need those old security blankets anymore.

Well, those are enough seed thoughts to start your year. The beauty of it is that they have no expiration date, so you can revisit these ideas at any point. As re-booters, it is our job to lead the way—for ourselves and as an example to others—that there exists a feasible alternative to the current way we are living our lives. My wish for you this January first is that you seek out and open that glimmering door to a new, constructive alternative to how you are thinking about and living your life now. Over the course of this next year, I hope you will return to Dignitary’s Retreat and participate in the unfolding.


Thanks for sharing this journey.


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